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What You Should Know about Immigration Bail Bonds In case your close person who is in a foreign country is arrested and detained for breaking immigration rules, or in case he or she has similar allegations, it will be good if you consider getting an immigration bail bond until the time of the first court hearing. Immigration bonds are available to detainees if they have particular specifications as explained in this publication. Immigration and Customs Enforcements, is the U.S. body which is bestowed with a mandate of detaining foreign immigrants. ICE can also set the detainee free as per his or her personal recognizance, if you need to pay for the immigration bail bond. It will be very appropriate for you to weigh various options when faced with such like situation, regardless of the person determining the immigration bail bond amount. You should know that there are two varieties of immigration bonds for aliens in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The first type of the immigration bail bond is the delivery bond, typically given to a detained undocumented migrant and it is usually determined by the ICE or an immigration judge. Its purpose is to make sure that the detainee shows up to all immigration hearings. With the delivery bond, the detainee s free to continue staying with his loved ones and can as well consult legal services as well. There is also another type of the immigration bail bond called the voluntary departure bond. With the voluntary departure bond, the detainee has the freedom to leave within a given period voluntarily. This kind of a bond is usually paid to the ICE and once the detainee leaves the country, then is refundable. In case you pay for the voluntary departure bond and fails to leave the country within a given duration, then you will not be illegible for the refund.
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The big challenge here to the majority of the people is that they do not know how to get immigration bail bonds. Only two known ways exist of paying for the immigration bail bonds. To start with the surety bond, usually paid by the friends or families of the detained alien to the agent of the immigration bond. In most cases, the firm will charge you between 15%&20% of the total amount of the bond. In this scenario, the cash paid for the bond in not normally refundable. You can also get a cash bond directly payable to the ICE by either the friends or the family of the detainee. If the detainee complies with the immigration court rules by attending all court hearings, then he or she is illegible for the refund of the cash which was paid as the cash bond.
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Cash bond is payable concerning money order, cash, U.S. bonds or via the Cashier’s check.

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